AquaEl Glossy Cube 132 L

kr. 2.998,00

132 Ltr. ( Sæt pris, akvarie og kabinet )

Cabinet Glossy Cube 50x50x90 sort

The exclusive GLOSSY line of aquarium sets is designed for the setting up of stylish freshwater aquariums.

The GLOSSY set is a unique novelty product. The set includes a tank with specially elevated walls. The lid with an inbuilt lighting unit is glued into the upper part of the tank. Thanks to this innovative solution, the aquarium appears like a solid piece of glass with a stylish strip at the top. The GLOSSY sets will fit perfectly into any modern interior, becoming an original element of the décor.

The advanced LED lighting unit built into the lid of the GLOSSY set ensures the proper growth of aquarium plants. At the back of the lid, there are special mounting openings for the unobstructed installation of any type of canister filter or other aquarium equipment.

The GLOSSY sets can be used to set up plant or biotope aquariums as well as regular mixed aquariums. They are available in four sizes (80 to 150 cm in length) and three colors: black, white (made of opti glass) and wallnut. In addition to each GLOSSY set, one can purchase a perfectly matching aquarium stand. The GLOSSY stands are made of durable high-gloss acrylic panels. The GLOSSY tank, together with the stand, will form a stylish solid body that sparkles with elegance.

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